een vinyl LP met The Jarvis Band

Side A:
  1. Still my friend
  2. Junkie on the rock
  3. Can I fly
  4. Gentle breeze
  5. Coffee and coffins
Side B:
  1. Impatiently
  2. Far away in time
  3. Shake it like a bum
  4. Love and toxic tears
  5. Mother angel

artwork_4 “NO SUIT!”

StickS 'N' StoneS (1999)

  1. Butterfly
  2. Anotha ?
  3. I Guess It's How It Is
  4. Written On The Wall
  5. Goin' On The Streets
  6. Sleepin' Alone
  7. You Need Love Like I Do
    (Norman Whitfield & Barret Strong)
  8. Turn-Out-City
  9. Addicted II Time (+ I Guess.. 77"-version)
artwork_2 “BACK II ME”

StickS 'N' StoneS

artwork_3 “I WANT YOU IN MY BED”

StickS 'N' StoneS (1995)
artwork_5 “ROCKGARDEN Vol. 3”

StickS 'N' StoneS (1995)

  1. The Connells: '74-'75
  2. Radiohead: High And Dry
  3. Juliana Hatfield: Universal Heart-Beat
  4. The Murmurs America: You Suck
  5. Dildo Warheads: Off The Hook
  6. Soulwax: Kill Your Darlings
  7. Dog Eat Dog: Who's The King?
  8. Clawfinger: Pin Me Down
  9. Whale: Pay For Me
  10. H-Blockx: Risin' High
  11. DAD: Reconstrucdead
  12. Mr. Ed Jumps The Gun: Wild Thang
  13. Ween: Freedom Of '76
  14. Sticks 'n' Stones: Back II Me
  15. Dirk Blanchart: It's About Time (That The Future Begins)
  16. Blur: End Of A Century
  17. Spearhead: Hole In The Bucket
  18. Dream Warriors: California Dreamin'
  19. Massive Attack: Karmacoma
  20. Prodigy: Poison